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Ribs for Dummies


“Good Preparation is Everything”

First you pick your ribs.
St. Louis style ribs are the best ribs to have,
St. Louis style is the common brand carried by your grocer.

Start with the bottom side up.
Take a flat head screwdriver and peel the tough membrane from the rib.

Put the screwdriver between the membrane and the bone and simply peel the membrane off.
This will allow the smoke to get to the meat, and will help tenderize the meat.

If there is any extra meat (flap on the backside) this should also be trimmed off.

Take rib rub and sprinkle evenly over the back side and rub it in. Don’t go too heavy.

Flip the slab over and repeat the process on the top side.

Cover with cellophane and let stand for at least 2 hours or overnight in the fridge.

I believe in “slow and low” cooking, which means lower temperature and slower cooking time. Of course, you can increase the time and temp if you are pushed.
Slow and low means, temp around 250-275 degrees.

Place ribs on cooker “meaty side up” over indirect heat.
Heat should be on one side of the cooker, ribs should be on the other.
Cover with smoker lid and let cook for several hours, slow and low.
Check ribs after a couple of hours. The end of the bone should be exposed ¼ - ½ inch. At this time wrap ribs in heavy duty tin foil and cook another hour.
Open foil and twist the bone. If the bone twists easily apply finishing sauce to ribs to taste. Re-wrap and close lid back and cook for 30 minutes until bone pulls freely from meat.

CAUTION!! The finishing sauce is ketchup will burn and caramelize if overheated or overcooked.
Cut ribs individually just before serving.

Good Eating,


Kenny D
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