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About Us


Kenny is no stranger to great cooking as he was surrounded by southern grillers on both sides.  His father, A.K. Dasher had six brothers and those Dasher’s all loved to cook good ole Savannah BBQ. Kenny's mother's family from Statesboro, GA loved to cook "low country" style.  They would dig a pit and cook some of the best pig you’ve ever had, and Kenny was always there taking it all in.  As the years went by, Kenny perfected his own particular ways of cooking. After 25 years of creating sauces, he finally found the taste he was looking for and the original recipe, Hogwaller BBQ sauce, was born. At first the sauce was only shared with friends and family, but after much peer pressure to do more, he decided to share his masterpiece with the public and Ol Geechee's BBQ Restaurant (named after the Ogeeche river area near Savannah where Kenny was born) was established in 2005. KD's BBQ followed and opened for business in 2007 becoming even more popular than Kenny's first establishment. During his time as a proprietor, Kenny was approached by many loyal customers desiring to purchase his renowned sauce. 


After the sale of two successful BBQ restaurants, Kenny and his wife, Janice, established Serenity Farms Hogwaller BBQ Sauce Co. Kenny has come a long way from cooking up concoctions on his stove; today Hogwaller BBQ sauce is sold in over 300 stores and enjoyed by BBQ lovers everywhere. There are now five flavors to choose from: Original, Rib Sauce, Hot Honey Heat, Sweet Blue and the "2011 Best BBQ Sauce in Georgia" Blue Heaven Blueberry. 


The business relocated to the north GA area in 2019 and officially renamed the sauce line Ol"Geechees BBQ which signafies the area it originated in. Kenny's son, Alan, is currently the operating owner. Kenny and Alan share the same passion for food and work together to bring everyone delicious tasting products. They're current project is a line of wing sauces. Stay tuned for that. 


Serenity farms also provides consulting services and a full packaging company for other food lovers desiring to get their product out on the shelves. Kenny has helped both new and experienced business owners alike create and perfect their own recipes, while providing valuable real world business advice. Overall Kenny has over 30 years of experience in the BBQ industry. When he's not cooking you can find him riding the roads on his motorcycle.


What you’re experiencing today is the best of the best. You won’t find a better BBQ sauce anywhere. We Guarantee it. We’ve named our business Ol’Geechee’s to honor A.K. (Pappa) …. And give God all the glory for it.


""Voted #1 in the South… me"

Kenny Dasher


Certified by the University of Georgia


{Copyright (C) 2010 Hogwaller BBQ All Rights Reserved}



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